Ospba Novat is recruiting………

Abibidwa/Ghanadwa is a subsidiary of Ospba Novat Limited, a legally registered company with its headquarters in Accra. Our primary aim is the promotion of quality locally-made (Ghana or Africa) products and indigenous Ghanaian own professional service providers. Our business model hinges on five core pillars, namely creativity, quality, partnership, convenience and Loyalty.

Abibidwa operates a network of e-commerce internet sites https://www.ghanadwa.com and https://www.abibidwa.com, including their successor Web sites www.madeinghanaonline.com, www.ghanamadeonline.com respectively. Products and services of Abibidwa can also be accessed through Abibidwa App which can be downloaded on the Play store and Apple store.

We promote and sell goods solely made-in-Ghana through our online platforms, branded Abibidwa shops and mobile vans to our cherished customers. Customers can purchase their quality certified products through any of the Abibidwa’s marketing channels above.

We are extremely glad you have expressed interest in joining our great team of young energetic and innovation professionals.