What the company does:

Founded in October 2018, OSPBA NOVAT LTD, specializes in Results-Based Analytics solutions combining modern Digital technologies, innovations, and the Results-Based Monitoring Concept to help organizations see in real-time what is happening in every part of the business, understand why certain things happen, able to know what will happen next and are aided to make better (data driven) decisions that yield desired results. The company brings decades of experience and expertise in the analysis of behavioral data to help companies transform Management practices and uncover how work actually gets done.

In July 2019, through the application of digital technology and innovation, the company established its first business model called Abibidwa or Ghanadwa to create a hub of quality certified locally-made Products and Services.

Abibidwa is a subsidiary of Ospba Novat Limited, a legally registered company with its headquarters in Accra. Our primary aim is the promotion of quality locally-made (Ghana or Africa) products and indigenous Ghanaian own professional service providers. Our business model hinges on five core pillars, namely creativity, quality, partnership, convenient and Loyalty.

Abibidwa operates a network of e-commerce internet sites https://www.abibidwa.com and https://www.ghanadwa.com, including their successor Web sites www.madeinghanaonline.com, www.ghanamadeonline.com respectively. Products and services of Abibidwa can also be accessed through Abibidwa App which can be downloaded on the Play Store and Apple store.

Abibidwa brand offer free management consulting and advertising services for our partner vendors and manufacturers, linking them to buyers through our various platforms and convenient branded shops.

Abibidwa operates on the partnership concept and does not assess a fee for its vendor partners to list items for sale, but rather retain a portion of the sales price as commission.

Abibidwa operates through a unique combination of business models through its Parent Company Ospba Novat Limited.

A Reliable Business Partner driven by value creation innovations and Capabilities. 

To Create and Grow Local Brands for Global Market.

Analytics in action!