Stop crime and fire before they happen, protect your Home, Business and Office against Burglary, Robbery, Intruders, and Fire with the Novat Intelligent Detection Systems.

Choose among these Innovative Security and Automation Packages to meet your Home and Business needs.

Home and Business Security and Control for Peace of mind

It is a smart way for you to manage your Home and Business Security issues 24/7 while on the go with Advanced and Intelligent Technologies.

A real-time smart security is an essential feature you need in your entire security system to protect your property. A smart and intelligent security system at your property or home lets you keep an eye on your home or property irrespective of your location in the globe.

Access Control Systems and Management

We implement Smart and Intelligent Access Control Systems for our Clients

Can help you get the most from your Business using Intelligence Solutions

Industrial Control Systems and Tools

Automate your production or Business Process to improve Efficiency, Productivity and Reduce Cost.

Fire, Smoke & Gas Monitoring

Fire, Smoke and Gas Detectors offer 24 hour Home and Office Monitoring for Protection. Our Detectors are specifically designed to trigger a siren in your Home while simultaneously sending a Signal Alert to you and any other persons or Office in the form of SMS and CALL for immediate action before a fire or a Gas Explosion occurs.

We have various customization options to meet your security and fire needs. Fill our contact form to enable us help you.