At Ospba Novat we don’t just develop informative website and mobile applications for your business/organizational needs. We create a complete solution that can help your organization/business to manage every part of your organization processes.

We also transform your organization already existing business resources such as informative websites into a powerful web & mobile application without incurring additional infrastructural cost.

This save you much money and time while giving you a complete insights to your organization or business.

We are passionate about what we do so we establish proven business mechanisms, and implement outstanding android, iOS, mobile, web app and analytics solutions to optimize workflow, reduce operational costs and increase profits for businesses/organizations.

We leverage the latest technologies and craft industry-leading solutions for businesses. We help companies level up their game with high end mobile and web applications.

Our developers work with your team to understand your business objectives and use agile methods to implement powerful android and iOS mobile applications in a matter of days.

At Ospba Novat we implement reliable software development and are known for delivering innovative software solutions (web applications, android and iOS mobile applications). Let us have your requirement to create your unique world for your business.


Our high end iOS & Android mobile applications are tailored to integrate your business needs, aligning them to your business objectives


NOVAT Software Solutions provides you with a complete insight to your business wherever you are.


NOVAT Development team are ever ready to drive your business to the next level.We create your world for you !!!